About BJTI

About BJTI

If you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree. If for hundred years, train up the people. When you sow a seed once, you will reap a single harvest. If you train up the people, you will reap hundred harvests by transmission of knowledge from generation to generation. - K’van Tzu

What the Chinese philosopher said thousands of year ago is still regarded as the epic tale of man’s quest for perfection in everything he/she does for survival in this competitive world which is attainable by interplay

of the forces of 3 MS – modernization, management and (work) mentality And herein creeps in the paramount need of training to tune up the human resources to stand up to the challenge posed by these three concepts of MS. And herein lies the important role of a trainer. Rightly has Henry Adams said, “A trainer affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops” That eternity and influence are very much manifest in trainee’s ability to speak convincingly and perform satisfactorily in public as well as in private enterprises and even operate confidently in unfamiliar and unfriendly circumstances which is highly valued in business world now-a-days.

And that is possible by way of establishment of excellent training institution which will impart training not only in the modalities of machine operation but also in different management approaches like 5S, KAIZEN, TQM, TPM and lean manufacturing etc. The emergence of Bangladesh- Japan Training Institute BJTI) in April, 2011 as an enterprise of Bangladesh AOTS Alumni Society (BAAS) is the sequel of this realization on the part of both Japan and Bangladesh. BAAS has so far, significantly contributed to the enrichment of Human Resources Development (HRD) in Bangladesh where it has become more poignant in view of the importance of the service sector in the growth of the country’s GDP. Keeping in view the spurt of the country’s economic development, it can be said, without any shadow of a doubt, that HRD, in alignment with Japanese and any other modern management techniques, has become all the more relevant and essential for the economic growth of Bangladesh.


For the Peace and Happiness of Mankind.


Our mission is to develop human resources through various HRD initiatives. We strive for improving the management skills and leadership qualities of people to achieve individual and organizational excellence to bring peace and prosperity in society.

Aims and Objectives

The broad objectives of BJTI are stated below:-

  • To contribute in economic growth of Bangladesh by ensuring an uninterrupted supply chain of skilled manpower.
  • To disseminate Japanese and other management techniques and approaches and Cutting-edge technologies in Bangladesh.
  • To contribute industrial and service sectors of Bangladesh.
  • To establish linkage with similar institutions at home and abroad particularly with Japan and other Asian countries.
  • To improve quality and productivity through skilled manpower following Japanese and other modern approaches.
  • To act as store-house of knowledge and research centre for up gradation of different aspects of training related issues.
  • To ensure the capacity building of BJTI to bring about its cherished goals.
  • To act as the catalytic agent of change for both public and private sector entities whenever requested for.
  • To transform BJTI into a centre of Excellence by the year 2021 by offering graduate, post-graduate courses and other regional program and by taking all other measures deemed necessary towards that end.

Broad Programs of BJTI

BJTI has certain Broad-based training programs which, among others, include the following:-

  • Develop Training Courses/ Seminars mainly focused on Japanese Management Practices.
  • Offer short specialized courses on 5S, KAIZEN, TQM, TPM, Lean Manufacturing, Corporate Leadership, Time Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Income TAX and VAT Management, Bankable Project Proposal Preparation, Marketing and Selling Technique, Basic Human Resource Management, Performance Appraisal, Climate Change, Disaster Management, Negotiation Skills Development, Stress Management, Business Communication Skills, Waste Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Protection System, Balance Scorecard, Six Sigma, Integrated Marketing Communications etc.
  • In-plant training courses on the above areas.
  • Offer undergraduate and post graduate courses and Regional Programs.
  • Initiate affiliations with organization and universities in Japan & other Asian countries.
  • Prepare a panel of Professors/ Lecturers (both local and foreign) to take courses in related subjects and update them from time to time as the situation demands.
  • Prepare training manuals and syllabus in collaboration with concerned experts.
  • Chalk out short, medium and long term courses also in association with concerned experts.
  • To bring out the half-yearly journal highlighting its performance during the half-year in question.
  • To establish its own campus in near future.
  • To carryout any other programs and undertakes any other activities as assigned by its Council of Members.

BJTI is gradually improving its capacity. It cooperates with BAAS, AOTS and other relevant agencies at home and abroad to enhance its programs.

Functions /Activities of BJTI

Between April 2011 and June 2021, BJTI's training effort was focused to the following.

a. Program under WNF
b. Special/Customized Training Courses under contract agreement
c. generic Training Initiatives

A total of 283 training courses were held during the period.


There is no denying the fact that the Industries /Organizations (both public and private) all over the world are looking forward very eagerly for the right combination of talents. But they are shockingly rare. While we cannot predict what the future holds for us but we can say one thing with certainty- the future will have an insatiable appetite for those with knowledge; curiosity and confidence who can express and present themselves will in this competitive world. If we are endowed with the qualities of unfailing knowledge, confidence, ambitions, creativity and reliability. There is no end where futures will take us to. It is more so in case of Bangladesh where economic units have risen up to 118 percent in the past decade thereby generating great demand for skilled manpower. And BJTI, along with other training institutions, can go a long way to meet up this demand, by its impressive training programs. With the concrete efforts and cooperation by all other concerned agencies we are sure BJTI will be able to spread its wing and to look beyond the region and become a centre of Excellence for Human Resources Development in Asia. To achieve this goal, we simply need to combine our talents to make a breakthrough. BJTI is an ideal platform for transformation of this dream into reality.